• "Among [young workers' top goals: Making a positive impact on society and the environment, creating innovative products, ideas, and services... and improving people's lives." • "According to thredUp's 2018 resale report, 75% of consumers prefer to shop from eco-friendly brands" • "When it comes to how founders and entrepreneurs can embrace the hunger for social impact that's rapidly rising amount the millennial and Gen Z generations...starting with a social impact mission...helps achieve...a highly successful and impactful approach."

Doerr, Patsy. “Can Social Impact Help Scale Your Business? These Founders Say Yes.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 6 Mar. 2019, www.forbes.com/sites/patsydoerr/2019/03/05/three-founders-on-how-social-impact-has-helped-scale-their-businesses/#61ec5cca3248.


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