• "This cohort craves both experiences and authenticity, complicating what brands need to do to keep up and stand out." • Example of how these generations have shaped consumer spaces: "If you look at the malls that are being built around the country, they have changed into these communities and experience centers that are highly focused on entertainment." • "When you are looking at Gen-Z and Millennials, they want to care. Statistics are showing that approximately 67% of them want their brands to have a cause or social-orientated voice. Finding authenticity in a crowded market place is becoming increasingly important. It is not resonating to just be bland."

Fromm, Jeff. “The Evolution Of Retail For Gen-Z.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 28 June 2019, www.forbes.com/sites/jefffromm/2019/06/27/the-evolution-of-retail-for-gen-z/#157998f550c3.


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